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NitroFill, a world leader in tire maintenance and protection products, is proud to introduce NitroShield, the world's only "permanent" Tire Protectant.
NitroShield is a professionally installed; ultra-durable tire dressing that provides a lustrous, gloss finish while shielding tires from UV rays, ozone damage and oxidation.
A single application of NitroShield can provide a lifetime of tire protection as well as a rich, glossy shine that can last the life of the treated tire.
Before and After NitroShield
  • Provides Rich, Glossy Finish
  • Contains No Silicone or Petroleum
  • Protects Against Ultra Violet Rays
  • Eliminates Ozone Damage and Oxidation
  • Anti-Static: Repels Brake Dust and Dirt
  • Water Proof, Weather Proof
  • Won't Wash, Wipe or Sling Off
  • Completely Dry to the Touch
  • Eliminates Tire Browning
  • Can Last the Life of the Tire
Unlike most tire appearance products and dressings, NitroShield is solvent-free, water based, environmentally friendly and will not damage tires. Most tire manufacturers recommend against the use solvent-based tire dressings due to their destructive qualities. Solvent-based dressings actually promote tire yellowing and cracking, and can destroy the UV and ozone protectants that are essential to the life, color and texture of a tire. NitroShield, on the other hand, contains the same UV and ozone protectants that are used in tire manufacturing and enhances tire longevity.
NitroShield Close Up
Your tires are the most expensive replacement item on your vehicle. Don't expose them to premature aging and deterioration. Protect your tires and keep them looking like new with NitroShield.
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